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What is a brand?

'Branding' can be boiled down to a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It has a direct effect on the success of your business as a whole. It's much more than a logo, color palette, font choice, or art style - it's how they all work together to make a strong impression & build trust.

Branding includes:

Brand Strategy.

We take time to learn your goals & craft strategies to use your branding to reach them.

Verbal Identity.

Tone & soul - the verbal framework that ties the brand together & gives it personality.

Visual Identity.

Shape & feel - the visual framework that creates lasting impressions & experiences.

Design Services.

Services including logo design & graphic design to help your brand stand out visually.

Writing Services.

Services including copywriting to help your content stand out & boost your brand.

Brand Guidelines.

A visual brand reference to ensure consistency across all platforms & marketing.

Brand Strategy.

It begins listening & collecting what knowledge we can to understand your work, why you do it, and what your short & long-term business goals are.

Verbal Identity.

This is your brand’s tone & soul - the verbal framework that ties it together & gives it personality. Includes naming, tone of voice, & verbiage.

Visual Identity.

This is your brand’s shape & feel - working hand-in-hand with your verbal identity to make an impression. Includes logos, color, typography, & brand elements.

Design & Writing Services.

We care about your ongoing success, so we're here to provide ongoing branding services. Includes copywriting, graphic design, & brand guidelines.

Branding services.

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Logo Design.

We create custom logos that set businesses apart. A memorable logo is the face of your brand identity.

Graphic Design.

We can create digital & print graphics for use in your brand's marketing material. Consistency is key!

Sweven team designing

Brand Guidelines.

We create a reference for your business to ensure brand consistency across all mediums with brand elements.

Our branding process:

Hand drawing on paper


Our first job is to listen well. Join us at the table, we'll go through a discovery time where we will get to know you & your brand goals in detail. People first.


This is where we dream up some great visual identity options. We'll put together several styles for you to choose from to set the brand's trajectory & art direction.

Logo & brand elements.

Once we have a visual direction decided on, we'll design a logo that fits the new brand as well as any supporting brand elements, patterns, & visual assets.

Verbal Identity.

Here we'll decide how you want your brand to sound. This includes tone-of-voice, naming, verbiage - anything that has to do with written or recorded verbal content.


That's it. Now we tie it all together with brand guidelines, usually followed by a new website to match & launch the new brand into the world in the best way possible!

Why branding matters.

Forms a stronger customer bond.

Creates a consistent experience.

Good branding drives revenue.

Helps build a loyal customer base.

Sets you apart from everyone else.

Builds confidence & trust.

Grow your business & brand.

Webflow visual editing graphic

Webflow Websites.

We design & build Webflow websites that help generate revenue & grow your business.

Sweven team planning & designing

SEO & Support.

We're experienced at optimizing Webflow websites to rank higher in search results & get more visitors.