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A creative team
who care about people, dreams, design, & a nice dad joke.

Sweven means ‘a dream or vision’. We were officially founded in the heart of 2020 by two long-time friends with a shared passion for people & seeing dreams come to life creatively.

Since the dawn of time, we've enjoyed partnering with individuals, small businesses, & nonprofits to realize their goals through affordable, quality websites & everything visual/branding - enjoying life while we do it.

Sweven team designingHand drawing on paper

The team.

We're just a couple of creatives helping small businesses bring their dreams to life online.

Partner & Lead Designer

Keith Lichtie

Keith thinks hyphens are cool - he loves music, poetry, art, the mountains, God, his family, and design.

He is married to his lovely wife Kourtney, is the father to a growing number of kiddos, and very much enjoys being with them.

Originally from West Texas, he and Kourtney moved to Houston in 2012. Keith has gained a variety of skills in his experiences partnering with nonprofits and schools, and has been inspired by the creativity of the people he has gotten to know along the way. 

Favorite quote:

“Anything could happen.”

-Ellie Goulding said that

Keith Lichtie

Partner & Lead Developer

Darren Harroff

Darren cares about family, people, quality, efficiency, & making darn sure to try and enjoy the little things.

He's spent his recent years digging deeper into the creative things of this world. What started with curiosity and the desire to create has bloomed into a passion for all things visual & digital.

He's married to his lovely wife Kristen, is father to this company's head of HR, and enjoys anything and everything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One of many favorite quotes:

“Don’t start chasing applause and acclaim. That way lies madness.”

- the great Ron Swanson

Darren Harroff

Belle Belle

Belle Belle




Human Resources

Laura Scudders

Laura Scudders


Why us? well...


We love what we do.

We eat this stuff up. People and passion for design & creation keep us moving forward every day.

We’re people first.️

We take time to get to know you first, because it matters. People thrive in strong relationships - this one is no exception.

We seek to honor God.

God creates and maintains our compass and convictions. We try to honor Him in the way we treat people, how we work, & how and what we design.

We’ve been around.

With over a decade of experience in the creative & design world under our roof, you know you’re in good hands. Even still, we're always learning & improving.

We care about results.

Whatever the goals for your creative project may be, we take the time to fully understand and adopt them as our own. We are here to help you succeed.

We make great things.

We think we’re pretty cool, but our work speaks for itself. Through it all, we value the quality and effectiveness of your final product.