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Prestige Learning Institute

A modern site for a modern nonprofit - increasing connections with people and resource.

Prestige Learning Institute

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Prestige Learning Institute (PLI) exists to glorify God by educating, equipping, & ministering to immigrant and refugee families, empowering them to thrive in the U.S.

The project.

PLI came to us as a growing nonprofit with a website that they felt didn't serve the purpose they intended and didn't adequately embody the vibrant, diverse culture of their organization. They said a large part of the disconnect was the lack of multi-color in their branding, as well as needing better organization of their online content.

Our goal was to set them up with a website that would allow visitors to easily know who they are, what they do, and be able to connect with them to participate or give resources, and all this being easy to edit so they could update events and add team members and stories without having to talk with us.

Our solution.

Embodying diversity.

We were faced with the unique challenge of modernizing and revamping their online presence while staying true to their existing brand identity. To achieve this, we retained their brighter primary green brand color while enhancing their brand with some new colors to bring vibrancy that connects with PLI's value of diversity.

People first.

We created something truly unique and custom for PLI in terms of layout & user experience. With custom colorful layouts that emphasize the people of PLI, you truly get a sense of what the organization is all about.

Responsive & effective.

PLI now has a fully responsive site that expresses who they are, what they do, and how to get involved. Visitors can easily donate or volunteer by clicking the call-to-action buttons. They also have a contact form that sends directly to the relevant contact in the org based on need.

Safe & easy content management.

We locked in a style on each page that the nonprofit staff can edit, add to, or take away from without messing up their design with their own Webflow CMS.

PLI now has a shiny, modern site in the digital world as they work hard at making the real world a brighter place to live in. Since launch, the director has said site visitors have expressed they knew they wanted to connect with PLI from engaging with the site.

✓ Improved site visitor engagement.

✓ Clearer mission, vision, & identity.

"Keith & Darren at were amazing to work with. They did a superb job at overhauling and designing our new website from the ground up. They were very clear on communicating timelines, the extent of the work involved, and explaining what they needed from us. They were professional in every sense and always took our feedback and incorporated it promptly. They also made it very easy for me to make simple updates to our website and showed me how to do it."

Michael Obringer

With thanks.

to Michael, Kelsey, Kelley, & the team at Prestige Learning Institute.

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