Providing a virtual space for meditative prayer & counseling.


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Meetwithabba is an online resource that embraces the idea of meditative prayer & journal-based counseling with a simple UI focused on peaceful, calming scenery to help the user connect and reflect. (UI proof of concept)

The project.

We were tasked with creating a custom interface by which a user could interact with a multi-step form with multiple avenues of completion, depending on the user's preference. The owner was also concerned about spam, so we needed a way of filtering out spam in a user-friendly way (without using reCaptcha).

The site needed to be a visually peaceful experience with some degree of personalization, with multiple scenes to choose from and different theme modes. Also, there needed to be a way to pull dynamic data from databases so that the owner could feed new content to contextual dropdown menus as needed.

A logo and basic branding setup were also needed to give Meetwithabba a visual identity.

Our solution.

Simple & sweet.

We created a clean, multi-step form with 2 journal entry types & 2 submission options (anonymous or not) for the user to interact with as they meditate and write their submissions. Users will also receive a confirmation email when submitting with their identity, to help prevent spam submissions.

We also created a unique logo in collaboration with the owner featuring an iconic thumbprint heart, signifying the unique identity of every user and the love in the interactions had through the site.

Visually peaceful.

The interface is backed by nature-focused scenery to help set a meditative atmosphere, which the user can change with the navigation arrows or select in the bottom drawer.

Users can also find various resources in the contextual icon menus to help their journaling experience, get connected, & learn more.

Light & dark modes.

The whole site's theme can be changed from dark to light mode with the flick of a switch in the bottom drawer. A little extra user customization to help create the desired mood & feeling while they journal.

Fully Responsive.

Users can take time to submit anywhere with the fully responsive UI. Whether on a phone or laptop, the meditative experience is the same.

Meetwithabba is intended by the owner to be a tool for counselors to add to their toolbox. Although it is only a proof of concept, we love the UI and functionality it offers when it's in use.

"The team at Sweven Design opened my eyes to the value of having a virtual platform. Even as a millennial, I had no idea how complex it is to have a custom website designed for your organization. Darren was easy to work with and explained how everything worked along the way. I appreciate his eye for design which made it easy to relax and trust someone else with the process. When you hire the team at Sweven Design, you learn fast that you are hiring motivated nonprofit and business consultants as well. It was well worth the price. Since virtual platforms require ongoing maintenance, it feels great to be financially partnered with healthy people."

Russell Hernandez

With thanks

To Russell for the vision, heart, & collaboration.

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